Herstal Group continues to grow as it celebrates 125 years

The Herstal Group closed its accounts on April 28, 2014 and will present them at its General Meeting in June.

The Herstal Group, which includes world famous brands FN Herstal and Browning, generated a turnover of 639 million euros in 2013 – up almost 9% on the 2012 financial year – and a consolidated net income of 44 million euros. This growth was driven by the Defense/Law Enforcement and Hunting/Shooting entities despite a significant fall-off in the American defense market.

This position is having a beneficial impact on jobs within the Group, which currently employs over 2,600 employees, over half of whom are located in Belgium, not to mention its positive effect for the Group’s many Belgian subcontractors.

The leading growth drivers are the success of the Group’s new products, the favorable context of the civilian market and the positive trend in the Law Enforcement business in the United States, and a number of major contracts secured by FN Herstal.

More than ever, the Group is pursuing an intensive investment policy aimed at sustaining growth by upgrading its industrial plant, expanding its new and traditional product lines, and taking all of its business lines to a new technological level.

The strong performance in 2013 should not hide the fact that the Herstal Group still faces a series of challenges, namely the highly cyclical nature of Defense markets, the difficulties and uncertainties presented by the global geopolitical backdrop, and intense competition.

As the Herstal Group celebrates its 125th anniversary, its strategy remains unwaveringly focused on its unique expertise, the quality of its products, an intensive innovation policy, and its large global footprint – four cornerstones to consolidate its position as a world leader in each of its sectors.